Quality control testing on the actual building is the number one way to provide assurance that the products and systems installed on the building comply with building code requirements, project specifications, and are performing as manufacturer's have guaranteed.  The most common tests performed on projects are for air infiltration (ASTM E 783) and water penetration resistance (ASTM E 1105).

In the building industry you must learn to trust the people involved, the process set in place, and the products being installed, but you must also TEST to VERIFY that all of the above are performing as required.  However, when the design work of a building meets installation there is the potential for error, and testing the building helps everyone involved prove that the concepts set in motion are working as expected.

Test Methods, Standards & Guidelines

Mock Up Testing

ASTM E 1105  Water Penetration Resistance Test - San Francisco, CA

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Buildings are exposed to the dynamics of mother nature, and once you understand how the elements like air, water, and wind greatly affect the performance of a building it starts to bring to light just how important the exterior envelope system really is.  The places we live, work, and play need to protect us from the weather so a building's structural integrity is not compromised.  In short, buildings need to be air tight and water free for everyone to enjoy.  ​

ASTM E1105 Test Method, ASTM E1105 Spray Rack, AAMA 503 Testing

Window Leak at the Bottom Right Corner Discovered During Testing

​​Water Penetration Resistance Testing and Air Leakage Measurement

Products & Systems that Benefit from Testing and Inspection

ASTM E1105 Water Leakage and San Francisco and Los Angeles

If something should go wrong on the project this is the time and place for that to occur so potential problems can be corrected. Performance testing a job site mock up allows everyone involved in the project to validate their work before moving forward and constructing the actual building.

Testing the mock-up checks the performance of:

1) The design of the building's envelope/facade system

2) Performance of individual construction products & materials 

3) The workmanship of the subcontractors involved

ASTM E1105 Test Method, ASTM E1105 Test Chamber, ASTM E1105 Los Angeles, San Francisco

Major Service Areas

On Site Field Testing 

Air Tightness of Building

Building Envelope

​Caulking and Sealants

Combination (Mulled) Window and Door Products

Curtain Walls



Exterior Cladding Components and Finishes

Fenestration Systems

Flashing Materials and Membrane

Glazing (Glass)

Roofing Systems

Sloped Glazing



System Transitions and Interfaces

Unrated Products

Waterproofing Details

Walls (Masonry, Stucco, EIFS, Panel, Siding, Etc.)

Weather Barrier


Port of Long Beach - Long Beach, CA

ASTM E 783

ASTM E 779 

ASTM E 1105 

ASTM E 2128 

ASTM C 1521

ASTM C 1601

ASTM C 1715

AAMA 501.2

AAMA 502

AAMA 503

AAMA 511

RILEM Tube Testing

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