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​ASTM E2128 Forensic Water Leak Testing

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ASTM E2128 Forensic Water Intrusion Testing

​​​​​​If you are experiencing water intrusion issues on your building or home call today and let one of our Project Managers guide you through our testing process.

We typically start with a free phone consultation to discuss your project and to make a quick determination if we might be able to  assist.  If you have a complex project we may recommend an on-site visit prior to performing any services.  Note that we specialize in testing the exterior skin of a building including but not limited to: windows, doors, wall systems, roofs, decks, walkways and most vertical and horizontal surfaces of a building.

Upon completion of our services we deliver a complete report to you which will provide critical information required for future mitigation and/or remediation by licensed Design Professionals and Contractors.

​The ASTM E 2128 Guideline Explained

The ASTM E 2128 is the Standard Guide for Evaluating Water Leakage in Building Walls.  In short it is used by our test professionals as a scientific approach to investigating, testing, and documenting known water leaks in a building or home.

Scope of Forensic Water Leak Testing

This guide details methods for determining and evaluating causes of known water leakage of exterior wall systems.  When used properly this guide may also be extended to other horizontal and vertical systems.  Keep in mind we are focused on testing your structure with the primary goal of replicating known water leaks and identifying the areas on the exterior that are causing the interior water leakage.

Applicable Test Area(s) and Products

We can forensically test and investigate most areas of a building's exterior skin or cladding including but not limited to: windows, doors, wall systems, decks, balconies, paneling, siding, driveways, walkways, roofs,  etc.  Think of this way, if there is a vertical or horizontal surface on the exterior of your building that you believe is leaking, we can most probably test it as long as there is a safe way to access the location.

Test Procedure:

Forensic testing is performed in order for our team to replicate known water leakage.  Through a scientific step-by-step process we attempt to find the source of the water leak, the path in which it may enter into a building, and then compare the test results with the real-life actual damage that has occurred to make an assessment if we have accurately replicated the known water intrusion.

Some of the diagnostic testing tools and instruments we utilize include but are not limited to: (1) The ASTM E1105 Calibrated Spray Rack System, (2) The AAMA 501.2 Spray Wand, (3) Infrared Thermal Cameras Systems, (4) Moisture Meters, (5) Water Indicating Paper, in addition to other applications for documentation and equipment.

Service Areas: 

We provide service throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada.  Major service regions include: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Reno.